What We Do

About Asian Heritage Foundation and Asian Heritage Month

In December 2001, the Senate of Canada passed a motion to officially designate May as Asian Heritage Month in recognition of the important contributions of Asian Canadians to the settlement, growth and social and cultural development of Canada and in recognition of Canada’s diversity.

Calgary’s Asian Heritage Month joins cities such as Fredericton, Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver in presenting a month long event to celebrate Canada’s Pan-Asian heritage. The Asian Heritage Foundation (AHF) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote the appreciation appreciation of Asian-Canadian participation in and contribution to Candian society. The AHF includes active involvement from over 25 Asian-Canadian community groups in southern Alberta and over 200 volunteers in the development and delivery of its programs.

Being the first collaboration of its kind in Canada, the AHF encourages, supports and develops community by engaging communities in sharing information, generating resources and coordinating initiatives.

Key objectives of the AHF are:

  • Create opportunities for all Albertans to celebrate Asian heritage Month & taste the Asian-Canadian experience.
  • Be a catalyst for building cross-cultural relationships that recognize cultural diversity as a profound strength of Alberta society.
  • Work to create a society in Southern AB that is inclusive and reflective of all cultures.

Our purpose is to help redefine and reclaim what is mainstream through our key themes of instilling pride and purpose, continuing the memory and the legacy, and changing the mainstream narrative. We do this through our strategic direction:

  • By Mobilizing Leaders, Communities and Financial Resources.
  • By Focusing our engagement with the youth.
  • By Engaging Systems to Create Change.
  • By Researching, Communicating, Informing.
  • By Supporting the mainstreaming of Asian-Canadian communities.