Youna Ahn

Youna Ahn, age 10, Grade 6
Youna Ahn, age 10, Grade 6

Before I went to kindergarten, I only knew one language and that was Korean. Since my family was from Korea they were better at Korean than English. I had to speak Korean at home everyday because my family was more comfortable with that language. My mom just taught me Korean because she didn’t want me to forget it. It was important that I knew my home language so that my mom and I could talk to each other comfortable.

When I went to kindergarten I had a hard time. I didn’t know English so I didn’t know what was going on and it was hard to communicate. Since I didn’t know English I couldn’t even ask to do to the bathroom. Right after I went home I would rush to the bathroom everyday. During the parent teacher conference my teacher told my parents that I didn’t say a single word. This experience made me want to be different and learn English.

Youna Ahn Age 10, Grade 6

I practiced and learned English by going on play dates a lot, and having conversations with my friends. I did some writing at home and school. I also convinced my mom to buy me an English textbook so I can learn more. After that my English got better and I was able to speak English by the end of the year.

Now I wish my mom would have taught me English before I went to kindergarten. Now I’ve learned to never give up and do your best all the time no matter what.