Romaicia Naser


Like musicians and poets alike, I believe art presents itself in everything. It compels us to take a risk and introduce ideas locked within the secrecy of our thoughts, in our most intimate and expressive nature—our mind and soul. But more importantly, art is a chance to explore and learn about the world in its true form, because it surrounds us and takes over us every day. It makes the world a strangely, more beautiful world, a colorful and imaginative place. My influences are mostly abstract, realism, cubism and expressionism.

I like to explore various mediums and bring to life a vision fuelled by my imagination and perception of the human experience. In my early years, I was introduced to the history of Artists within my own family roots and from here I discovered my own true admiration for art & design. I believe that an Artist will always find their way back to creativity regardless of what path they choose, it is an inevitable attachment that revisits a thousand times over like an imagined canvas waiting to be expressed, to be dipped in paint, brushed over and be freed. Art is a continuous passion inside my world and it resonates through the muse of an Artist.