Kari Woo


Kari Woo is a full-time artist and jewelry designer, who graduated from the ACAD with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction [Hons]. She has exhibited at a variety of galleries throughout southern Alberta and the Canadian west coast. Currently, she is the proud owner of Shine Design, established in 2003, which produces custom jewelry and accessories.

Woo’s family settled in the Calgary area in the early 20th century and made their living managing grocery stores throughout the Bridgeland and Riverside areas. They built their home in Canada through hard work and labour. However, Woo’s choice of occupation was at odds with the cultural expectations of her family and surroundings.

“…I chose to pursue my education in the arts and make my living as a full-time professional artist. Everyday I feel fortunate for this liberty, which has been afforded to me through the hard work of past generations of family [financial security, etc.], but also on the perseverance of women dedicated to the feminist cause and to activists who have fought against racism in this country [equal opportunity].”

For Woo, Canada is about “…the freedom of choice and the chance for opportunity.”