Dr. Anmol Kapoor


Born in the city of Nabha, Punjab, India, Dr. Anmol Kapoor came from a lower middle class family. His mother was a clerk at a Government office, while his father owned a small chemist shop. He recalled,

‘My father was born in a refugee camp in Punjab with nothing to his name. My grandfather had to begin from scratch and he used to work as a street side tailor, in order to make ends meet.’

Having seen struggle, his parents instilled in him the importance and value of education, hard work and the importance of helping others less fortunate. Dr. Kapoor had a dream of becoming a doctor from a very young age and his parents supported him wholeheartedly, ensuring he had every opportunity to succeed.

His journey to become a doctor began in 1994 when he was accepted into Irkutsk State Medical University and completed his final years of medical training at St. Petersburg Medical Academy in 2000. He was also accepted into medical school in India, but chose to study in Russia because,

‘I wanted to learn more than just medicine. I wanted to learn how people outside of India live and what kind of healthcare facilities they had. I wanted to increase my knowledge and apply those skills to help my patients’.

After spending 6 years in Russia, Dr. Kapoor arrived in Canada of July 2000. When he moved to Canada he was unemployed. He stated with a smile,

‘Often people told me that I should forget my medical career and I should focus on something else, as it’s difficult for an international medical graduate to practice in Canada. But, I was determined, so I did not give up’.

His wife, Raman Kapoor supported his determination to continue in the medical field. Working as a Registered Dietitian in Lethbridge and the sole breadwinner, she helped pay for his exams and daily expenses. They rented a small apartment that contained nothing but one futon to sleep on and a small 14-inch TV. Dr. Kapoor mentions with vigor,

‘I was never afraid of failure. To me, failure simply means you need to try a new approach. We’ve all had failures, however I never let my failures define me. When I wrote my first exam in Saskatchewan, I was unsuccessful. This simply meant I needed a new method to study.’

Dr. Kapoor went on to complete his residency program in Internal Medicine at the University of Alberta where he became the first turbaned Chief Resident in the Department of Medicine. He received his Cardiology training at the University of Manitoba and trained in Carotid Ultrasound at the Cleveland Clinic.

Today, Dr. Anmol Kapoor is an award winning Cardiologist, founder of numerous facilities, charities and health initiatives serving the community. A pillar in the South Asian Community, he has been recognized for his hard work in Canada and overseas on numerous platforms, most recently; in March 2017 he was awarded the Immigrants of Distinction Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Calgary, Canada.  A little known fact about Dr. Kapoor is that in addition to his success in the medical field, he is also a film producer and is currently working on his first novel.