Ashid Bahl


Most children would never part with their beloved toys. But Ashid Bahl wasn’t like most children. At the age of just 11, he gave away his lunch and toys to disadvantaged children in his school in Kenya. That giving nature never stopped.

Bahl left Kenya for Canada in the 1970’s. Once in his new home, he immediately began volunteering to help settle nearly 20-thousand immigrant families from several different countries. He soon noticed it wasn’t just immigrant families who needed help and started helping local children by providing them with medicine, medical equipment and treatments.

In the early 1980’s Bahl realized the need for help extended beyond Canada’s borders. He began helping poor and special needs children around the world and started programs to establish schools and orphanages and to provide medical aid, educational supplies, water wells, electricity, and other necessities.

Bahl saw the growing problems of child labour and AIDS. Concerned, he worked to abolish child labour and to prevent the spread of AIDS in countries where it was a significant problem.

Moved by the tragic effects of natural disasters and war on many countries, he made a special commitment to help in these areas. Bahl helped victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka, the earthquake in Kashmir, Hurricane Mitch in Chiapas, and the earthquakes in Peru & Nepal.

Today, decades since Bahl arrived in Canada, his overseas projects have helped people in African countries, Honduras, Mexico, India, Tibet, Philippines, Nepal, Egypt, Peru, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Cambodia and Sudan.

Thirty-eight years ago, Bahl became founded the “For the Love of Children Society of Alberta” (FTLOCS), of which he is also President. The charity aid organization has provided millions of dollars of aid in supplies, support and man-power to build stable orphanages and schools and to deliver medicine and healing methods that would otherwise be unavailable. It is estimated the FTLOCS has helped over 200,000 children in Canada and abroad.

Mr. Bahl has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to helping children in Canada and around the globe. His message of hope and compassion is proof that one person can make a big difference to the lives of countless others.

His mantra for life, is a lesson to us all: “Life is not about us, life is about making life happen for someone else who is less fortunate…in that, is the true significance of living.” – Ashid Bahl