May 27, 2018 – Connecting Asian Canadian Communities with Calgary’s Arts & Creative Sectors

Considering our unique position as the leading pan Asian organization in Calgary, the Asian Heritage Foundation has recently started working with the Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA) to act as a bridge between Asian communities and the broad-based sectors and institutions. The partnership aim is to enhance the cross-cultural awareness and increase opportunities for collaboration between the Asian communities in Calgary and the larger arts & creative sectors.

On May 27, 2018 we hosted an educational session at cSPACE King Edward to share ideas about our current state of cross-cultural collaboration and opportunity-building between cultural community artists and performers, arts organizations/groups, organizers, and leaders of communities with members and representatives of the broad-based Calgary arts and creative sectors.

The program include presentations from the following speakers working within the arts and creative communities about their initiatives for encouraging diversity and equity into their work:

The second half of the program engaged the audience through interactive breakout sessions hosted by wonderful facilitators. The artists and individual community members share their experiences and exchange ideas with the each other, helping to increase understanding and awareness of issues within the cultural arts communities.